About SPO Chain

Super organism Chain is an intelligent and reliable decentralized blockchain platform aimed at reshaping the value ecology of the Internet of Things and data value. The current Internet of Things terminals and the amount of data generated therefrom are increasing day by day. For Internet of Things companies, the pressure to innovate their business models is becoming more and more urgent. It is necessary to gain competitive advantages from new technologies and new opportunities. Therefore, we believe that IoT companies need to fundamentally change their traditional methods of value creation and value acquisition.

Three stages of the super organism chain

The products and technologies of the super organism chain will achieve the following three stages:

The first stage

Build a public chain of industry value and build an IoT value ecosystem. Hyperbiology Chain develops a decentralized value public chain based on the application characteristics of the Internet of Things industry, and supports a variety of industry applications, provides hardware smart chips, SDK and other adaptation solutions, combined with cryptography technology, distributed architecture, using DPOS consensus The main chain is to build a secure, decentralized blockchain network that supports high concurrency.

The second stage

The decentralized data trading platform realizes the terminal data value circulation. Hyperbiology Chain will solve the data value problem of IoT terminals, realize users' data rights and value transactions through a decentralized trading platform, and protect the data value of users and devices.

The third stage

Realize the interconnection of all things and terminal value transactions In the huge network of Internet of Everything, a blockchain decentralized and trusted environment realizes the value exchange between terminals. Finally, the vision of the super organism chain is to use the blockchain to activate the huge Internet of Things industry, and people and terminals have become a component of the super organism chain blockchain network, forming a transaction based on the use rights and ownership of terminals, services, and data. Carrier value ecological economic community.

Why choose blockchain + IoT

SPO is an inevitable result of the evolution of the social economy and data economy. Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5G, big data and artificial intelligence are used to solve the problem of data sharing and transactions


  • Data closed loop

    Internet of Things and blockchain can form a closed-loop data stream

  • data synchronization

    Distributed ledger synchronization can ensure that data of IoT nodes are not tampered with

  • Data Security

    Blockchain makes IoT system more secure

  • Data sharing and transactions

    Blockchain makes IoT data shareable and transactional

  • Automated trading

    Blockchain supports automatic transactions of the Internet of Things, reducing transaction costs

  • Easy to expand

    Blockchain makes IoT data shareable and transactional

Core functions


Application scenario

  • Ecological application of intelligent hardware of Internet of Things

    Super organism Chain provides a decentralized blockchain technology platform for IoT intelligent terminals to realize data value sharing. Super organism Chain uses the original Super organism Chain Agent smart chip, aiming at the current idleness of resources of smart terminals and the difficulty of ecologicalization, etc. The problem is to use the Token mechanism to activate the product's use value and data sharing ecology. The Super organism Chain Foundation will form a shared cooperation alliance to support various hardware and software devices, and the development protocol supports the introduction of third-party development teams to continuously land Super organism Chain in a wider range of application scenarios.

  • IoT sharing economy application

    With the development and popularization of cloud computing, deep learning and blockchain technology, people's demand for computing power has become more and more urgent. More and more enterprises increase their computing power by horizontally expanding the computer room. The super organism chain connects the entire ecology through smart chips. Each super organism chain smart chip installed on the smart terminal is an independent node. These super terminals are connected through the super organism chain to realize shared value exchange. .

  • Internet of Things data transaction application

    Take the intelligent weather equipment terminal as an example. The device has built-in spherical objects with various sensors, equipped with sensors such as temperature, humidity, light, air pressure, ultraviolet rays, etc., which can measure the real-time weather conditions nearby. After the user purchases the device, they can start taking pictures of real-time weather conditions. More importantly, users can share these pictures through various channels, and become a meteorologist among friends. As long as you want, you can post real-time weather conditions through WeChat, Weibo or email. The whole sharing process is very simple. Hyperbiology Chain plans to reach a strategic cooperation with the equipment manufacturer to support the rapid support of access to meteorological equipment terminals through agreements, and calculate the value of users’ shared data through smart contract terms to achieve token returns.

  • IoT smart terminal asset transaction

    Take the parking lot smart terminal transaction scheme as an example, using the contract scheme defined by the super organism chain. Both the parking gate and the vehicle support the smart contract mechanism. The gate control device can initiate parking charge information on the blockchain network and pay the number of tokens. ; Vehicles can automatically conduct Token settlement transactions with parking control equipment, the entire process is fast and efficient, and transaction information is recorded on the chain. The vehicle itself as an intelligent terminal can also obtain Token rewards through other contract terms such as trading data owned by the vehicle itself, thus forming a positive ecological circulation of Token circulation.